Holocaust survivor story

The person I read about was a Jewish dentist, and his life hadn’t been terrible compared to many other stories of Holocaust survivors. He had gotten a good German who was in charge of him, and had given him necessary tools for dental sessions, like chairs, a drill, and hand pieces. The German had also given him books, textbooks, and manuals to read. And so, the person was able to work as a dentist again and support his brother and father.  One day the German wanted to have a dentist appointment with him and pointed a gun to the dentist. The dentist said that he didn’t have to be afraid of him hurting him in the process, because if he did the German would kill him and kill a hundred others. Later, a new German came to take charge of the dentist instead, and was really anti-Semetic and cruel to the dentist compared the the first one. He kept pointing out things that was wrong, and made the dentist go up and down on the chair until he could not.

This story may not be as powerful as some others, but it gave me an insight to a different view of a Holocaust survivor. This person had not been put into the camp, and his family was safe from the real terrors of the Holocaust. The person suffered the mistreatment of the German, but that was all that he had talked about in the interview. He had not gone through the pain of seeing his family killed, and his family even had jobs during that time, granted by a German. He himself had a job and worked for the Germans and was able to provide for his family, all the while able to continue thriving in the profession he had worked for. I learned that not all Holocaust survivors were put through the terrors we learn about.


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