oh, wow

Today is our last day of high school. It feels unreal. Surreal. Dreamlike, even. It feels like I was never going to get to this point, thought I’d die first, because it has been such a long, long time here. It’s been fourteen long, long years. My entire life here.

When I’m sitting in my car at night, passing the orange, yellow lights of the city lights, listening to my favourite songs through my earphones, my mind wanders to what would happen to us. I see the highway road diverge, growing farther and farther apart with each passing second that the car continues on by. The lights that carries through are separated, until the paths no longer run parallel. As the car runs along a bridge, I look down and see more roads, more paths that we see, yet would never cross again.

Those who come into our lives are the roads that merge with us, and they run alongside us until they decide to diverge, splitting off into the night.

I hope that once we’re finished from ICS, we’d all have great, fulfilling lives filled with opportunities. My time here at ICS has taught me so much, and I cannot thank enough for everything that was given to me here. Right at the last moment. Though my heart may be angry at some due to recent complications, I would rather not dwell, and leave this place with what good we have left of each other.

Not long ago, I wrote a poem while I was sitting outside in the evening, thinking about what it’s like to leave a place I’ve known all my life. I had to get my thoughts in order, and find it in myself so I would understand,  leaving the life I’ve grown to ever know. Here it is:

Like a good book,
It seems hard to reach the end
Saying “wish this could last forever”
“Wish to relive it again”
But the end of a good book
Brings the chance to start anew
It may be hard in the beginning
But that time is just a few
The trudge in the first few chapters
Is nothing too surprising
‘Cause when the vibe feels unfamiliar
Our heart will not be lying
But once given both time and chance
The book could prove to be
Even if we find it unworthy
There is worth in all stories
So once you’ve come to reach the end
Don’t sway, don’t stagger, don’t be afraid
The End don’t mean it’s ending
You’ve got time to go and play
This life of yours still young
So fresh and free and exciting
The paths diverging endless
So wipe your tears, no crying
Because though our paths have split
And our time has come to end
Don’t mean our stories go away
Don’t mean farewell to friends
Because what life gives, it takes
And what it takes, it gives

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