Answering Che’s Calls to Action

As someone who has the money and in the position that is able to help others, I feel like I will be able to help serve those who are in need in this world. I will be studying communication design in university, which will possibly push me towards the path of designing things that relates to the commercial market. I will hopefully have the skills to be able to communicate with the masses, and have enough money to support myself. If I wished to do so, I may use those skills in advocating for causes. Communication and exposure is extremely important when trying to fight for a cause, because it will allow more people to know about it. If more people knows about it, the more people will support it. If they don’t know about it at all, they will feel that it’s nothing, and won’t feel the need to associating oneself with it.

Take the signs along the roads during this time of election, for example. If we were running in the election, it is important that the people will know us as they decide on who to vote for. So, they decided to put tons and tons of signs with their faces on the sides of the roads. The more they see us, the more familiar they will become with us, and will increase the possibility that they will vote for us. Choosing words for the commercials is also important because those are the things that will communicate to the audience as to what we want them to know about us.

Climate change is a big thing in today’s world, but it is strange because not many people in our society talks about it. The reason for that is because it’s been talked about for so long that it has become a regular thing. What we need is an extreme push to show the destruction that mankind has placed upon the world, and it needs to be more than statistics and news. It needs to become a movement, and most movements are started and created by the media. The media utilizes strategies that controls the movements of the audience, and design is an important part in communicating that. I may be able to take part in it in the future, when I find my place in the world.


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